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Ramadan is a holy month full of blessings and rewards—a perfect time to meditate, fasting, and give to those in need. Happy Hearts Indonesia launched the #GembiraBerbagiBerkah campaign in the spirit of generosity and community. This campaign invites the public to share blessings of Ramadan and give alms by rebuilding schools affected by the 2018 Lombok earthquake.

Sharing the Blessings of Ramadan Through #Gembiraberbagiberkah

The earthquake that hit Lombok in 2018 left over 500 people dead, thousands injured, and significant infrastructure damage, including educational facilities. The disaster devastated the local community, especially children who had lost access to education.

The #GembiraBerbagiBerkah Ramadan campaign aims to rebuild these schools and provide access to quality education for children in Lombok. This campaign invites individuals, companies and organizations to donate and support rebuilding schools in Lombok through the platform.

Sharing the Blessings of Ramadan Through #Gembiraberbagiberkah

By donating to the #GembiraBerbagiBerkah Ramadan campaign, you can positively impact the lives of thousands of children in Lombok. The new school building will provide a safe and conducive environment for learning and help break the cycle of poverty by providing access to education.

The schools that have been built will also receive supervision for five years from Happy Hearts Indonesia. Students and teachers will also receive various trainings to support sustainable schools, such as WASH, DRR, entrepreneurship, and school financial management.

As well as providing a safe learning environment, the new school building also serves as a symbol of community hope and resilience. School reconstruction not only returned children to the classroom but also helped to rebuild community spirit and morale.

Sharing the Blessings of Ramadan Through #Gembiraberbagiberkah

The #GembiraBerbagiBerkah Ramadan campaign not only focuses on providing access to education but also promotes community spirit and togetherness. Ramadan is a time of giving and sharing, and this campaign encourages individuals to come together and positively impact society.

This is an opportunity for all of us to impact the lives of children in Lombok positively. By contributing to and supporting the rebuilding of schools, we can provide access to education and help break the cycle of poverty. Let’s bless this year’s Ramadan by giving back to those in need.

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