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[heading]Our Work[/heading]


Happy Hearts Indonesia identifies schools in areas affected by natural disasters and communities in need, then rebuilds them to provide a safe and decent learning environment. Rebuilt schools are equipped with indoor furniture, stationeries, educational toys, outdoor playground and sanitary facilities. We believe that education and safe educational facilities are the best investments we can make in the effort to overcome and prevent the damaging consequences of natural disasters and poverty.


Happy Hearts Indonesia creates independence through its sustainability initiatives. We engage local government, organizations and community members to be involved in providing safe and decent schools as well as in creating or finding potential resources that can support the sustainability of the rebuilt schools. We involve the community to ensure long-term support for the maintenance and development of the school, and by extension, the community.

School Development Program

Happy Hearts Indonesia collaborates with other organizations and volunteers to facilitate a varied range of training activities for teachers and students in our project areas in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of the learning activities. The training includes School-based Management, Creative Learning, Classroom Action Research, and Capacity Building training. In disaster-prone areas, we have also started to provide Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction training for kindergarten teachers and students.

Additionally, Happy Hearts Indonesia engages school donors to continue their support through a program that provides students with additional assistance, including nutritious foods, school uniforms, and health check & education, environmental education and inspiration day.