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[heading]Frequently Asked Questions[/heading]

What is Happy Hearts Indonesia?

Happy Hearts Indonesia is a non-profit organization dedicated to rebuilding schools in underprivileged areas and in areas affected by natural disasters in Indonesia.

What does Happy Hearts Indonesia do?

We work for the children to have better access to equitable and quality education by rebuilding schools.

Why rebuilding schools?

Through rebuilding resilient schools with proper facilities, we are improving the learning environment for students, teachers as well as the community. With an improved learning environment, we are motivating students to go to schools, empowering teachers to teach, fostering community about the importance of education, and benefitting the parents.

Are there any other benefits of school rebuilding?

Communities also benefit from the reconstruction of schools. While children are attending classes, parents and community members are able to focus on rebuilding their lives, returning to work and providing for their families. The return to productivity allows a community to begin to the rebuild the devastated economy. Hopeful, happy children are an immeasurable resource!

What is the right ecosystem for imparting quality education?

School facilities affect the learning and teaching process, health and students’ growth and achievements. Happy Hearts Indonesia identifies three measures that can enable the right ecosystem to improve the quality education:

  • Resilient school building
  • Proper facilities and supportive learning materials
  • School development program

How does Happy Hearts Indonesia decide to rebuild school?

We gather information, visit the community and survey the existing school that needs to be rebuilt. We also rely on the Government’s data to locate the schools in the poorest region in Indonesia.

How was Happy Hearts Indonesia started?

We started our journey under the name Happy Hearts Fund, founded by supermodel Petra Nemcova. Happy Hearts Fund aimed to rebuild safe, resilient schools in areas impacted by natural disasters. In 2013, Happy Hearts Fund launched its first international chapter with a new name, Happy Hearts Indonesia also known as Yayasan Hati Gembira Indonesia, to support the reconstruction of more schools affected by natural disasters and those in underprivileged areas around Indonesia.

How can I donate?

You can make a donation through our website at You can also make a donation through bank transfer, apps accepting QRIS, GlobalGiving, and cryptocurrency. The information is available on the link above. Frequently asked questions about monthly donations may be found here.

Can I donate for a specific school or other specific needs such as books, clothes, etc.?

From rebuilding destroyed or neglected schools to replacing damaged playground equipment, books and toys, your donation will make a difference in the lives of the children in Indonesia. If you wish to make a contribution to specific schools or needs, you can contact us at and we will brief you about what opportunities exist that match your wish.

Does Happy Hearts Indonesia pay teachers’ salary?

No, we don’t pay for teachers’ salary. We ensure that the schools we work with are already in operation. We promote quality education and sustainability of the teaching and learning process through renovating the school building, therefore the ownership and operation of the school comes from the school and community.

I am a kid, how can I help?

First, you are amazing and we appreciate your kindness! You can help us by making a donation at any amount. You can also start to pledge your birthday for education, or you can brainstorm with your family on how you can do a fundraising activity. We encourage you to add fun twist to it!

Are there volunteer opportunities?

Yes, you can volunteer with us whether onsite, in the office, during an event and create your own volunteering trip with your family and friends. For more information, you can contact us at