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Parent-teacher innovation is required for school progress, as PAUD Pelangi, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara has discovered. Indonesian education desperately needs practical innovation that can help produce high-quality learning outcomes.

The school is committed to maintaining the safety of the school building and the comfort of students after receiving the rebuilding program from Happy Hearts Indonesia in 2019. This is accomplished by constructing walls and fencing around the school.

Aside from building fences, the school installed paranets in front of the building to protect students from the hot sun in class. They also built light steel frames in the schoolyard to plant fruits and vegetables like grapes, bitter melon, and koro beans.

The park is expected to be utilized by students, parents, and PAUD Pelangi teachers. Improving the quality and scale of innovation in schools will positively impact education and benefit society.


About PAUD Pelangi

Apart from the performance of parent-teacher innovation, let’s briefly examine the background of PAUD Pelangi. This school, located in Ganggelang Hamlet, Gangga District, North Lombok, was one of the schools impacted by the Lombok earthquake in 2018. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake destroyed the school and left nothing behind.

Since the earthquake destroyed the school, their learning activities have taken place in makeshift buildings built unfit for habitation, surrounded by the rubble of the earthquake-damaged buildings.



Parent-Teacher Innovation at PAUD Pelangi Parent-Teacher Innovation at PAUD Pelangi

Happy Hearts Indonesia and Wanda House of Jewels helped rebuild PAUD Pelangi in June 2019. The children are currently studying in two more secure classrooms. The school also has sanitary facilities to help students learn more effectively and enjoyably.

Donors’ contributions make a significant difference in the lives of PAUD Pelangi students. Happy Hearts Indonesia will also conduct field visits regularly and help with school maintenance for the next five years.



Parent-Teacher Innovation at PAUD Pelangi

Parent-Teacher Innovation at PAUD Pelangi

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Happy Hearts Indonesia welcomes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) collaboration from companies that want to make positive societal changes, such as Wanda House of Jewels. Rebuilding preschools, kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, senior high schools, and libraries can be examples of CSR collaboration.

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