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The condition of school buildings can have an impact on learning and teaching activities. A well-designed structure and a pleasant environment can improve concentration, motivation, and learning performance.

PAUD Hobawawi Indah students share this sentiment. The school, located in West Sumba Regency, Weimangoma Village, Wanokaka District, experienced an increase in enrollment after received funding to rebuild a school building from Happy Hearts Indonesia and Reuben Meyer Trust Fund in 2020.

PAUD Hobawawi school building

Increase in the Number of Enrolled Students and Teachers

PAUD Hobawawi Indah had only about 20 students at first. However, after the rebuilding was completed, the school underwent many changes and increased the number of enrolled students to 53.

The school also collaborated with village administrators and received 2 additional educators in January 2022. At the moment, there are four teachers at PAUD Hobawawi Indah.

PAUD Hobawawi school building

Supplementary Feeding Program And Parent Student Cooperation

Aside from new teachers, the school also received a Pemberian Makanan Tambahan (PMT)/Supplementary Feeding program funded by the Weimangoma Village budget. PMT activities have been running three times a week since January 2022.

PAUD Hobawawi Indah also cooperates with parents. One form of cooperation that has been carried out is community service. They would come together to clean the schoolyard and repair any broken facilities. Communities living around the school also participate in looking after the school.

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