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“I have been blessed with proper education, so I want to help as many kids as I can reach so they too can get access to education at a young age. The 7-10 year olds in this village used to be illiterate. Parents were too busy taking care of their fieldcrops to take their kids to school,” said Bapa Stefanus, as he’s usually called.

Bapa Stefanus is a high school teacher who spends his spare time in the afternoon teaching and opening his terrace as a classroom to more than 30 young kids to receive early childhood education in Desa Kabali Dana, Sumba Barat Daya, Nusa Tenggara Timur. The space is cramped and does not have sufficient facilities, yet full of cheers and laughters.

UPDATE: The early childhood center PAUD Pelita Kasih was built next to Bapa Stefanus’ house in August 2017 through our partnership with Time International.

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