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The School Development Program aims to train teachers and committees to develop schools independently. This program can also bring creativity and consistency to students, as PAUD Sinar Pagi does.

PAUD Sinar Pagi School Development Program

The development of an educational institution requires the active involvement of internal and external stakeholders. This role is focused so all parties can benefit from educational activities and policies.

In addition to rebuilding school buildings, Happy Hearts Indonesia (HHI) also provides a five-year School Development Program to strengthen school independence. The Development Program can also help schools build relationships with local communities and government.

PAUD Sinar Pagi is one of the schools that has succeeded in establishing positive relationships with stakeholders. At first, the school did not develop optimally either physically or in the educational curriculum. However, in 2019, after HHI started a 5-year school development program, schools actively participated in village activities in the Pogotena area and increased engagement with villages.

The Positive Impact of PAUD Sinar Pagi's School Development ProgramIn 2022, Pogotena Village contributed by providing one laptop and one printer for PAUD Sinar Pagi. Not only that, but schools also receive regular monthly incentives for teachers and routine nutrition programs for students.

The Positive Impact of PAUD Sinar Pagi's School Development ProgramThanks to the help of laptops, PAUD Sinar Pagi can easily track student data online. In addition, these laptops and printers are also beneficial for schools in providing various educational materials. Regular financial support from the community has improved the welfare of teachers and increased their pride in their profession.

About PAUD Sinar Pagi


The Positive Impact of PAUD Sinar Pagi's School Development Program

PAUD Sinar Pagi was established on June 22, 2014, in Pogo Tena Village, Kec. Loura, Kab. Southwest Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Initially, the school building consisted of only bamboo cubicle walls, rough cement floors, zinc, and no ceiling. PAUD Sinar Pagi only has one room measuring 4 x 6 meters and is not suitable for use for the teaching and learning process (KBM).


The Positive Impact of PAUD Sinar Pagi's School Development Program

In July 2019, Sinar Pagi PAUD was rebuilt by Happy Hearts Indonesia in collaboration with the World Ventures Foundation. The development process was completed in August 2019 and resulted in the following:

  • Two classrooms with decent furniture
  • Indoor educational toys
  • Outdoor playground
  • Toilet

Better quality PAUD for children in Pogo Tena Village indirectly increases public awareness about the importance of early childhood education. The success of this School Development Program would only have happened with the help of all parties involved. Let’s advance Indonesian education by donating monthly as a Changemaker with Happy Hearts Indonesia.

Happy Hearts Indonesia has been registered in the United States in 2022, classified as 501(c)(3). This is done to help the organization grow and become stronger. Furthermore, Happy Hearts has received public and other entity recognition from a more credible organization. You can directly click this link and type our name in the search column.



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