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April started with another exciting task for me. I had the opportunity to join some of my colleagues on a trip to Cilegon to visit and evaluate several schools in the area.

After about 2,5 hour journey, we arrived at the first school at around 8am, introduced ourselves to the staff and had a quick chat about the organizational structure of the school. Then we proceeded to inspect the condition of the building itself, the classrooms and the roofs. In addition we took pictures of everything and then we were off to the second school.

We repeated the process at the second school and met with Ibu Nining, the principal of PAUD Barokah 1. Last year Happy Hearts Indonesia finished rebuilding the PAUD school. She joined us for the rest of the day and introduced us to the principals and staff at the other schools.

Before our lunch break we managed to visit four schools in total. The procedure was always the same: Once we got there we said hello to everyone, got a quick tour of the school and took pictures, talked about the organizational structure and the schools’ needs, did some further inspections if needed and of course enjoyed the snacks and drinks offered to us.

After lunch we had four more school visits planned but it soon turned out that there would be a couple more. So by the end of the day we had visited 10 schools in total, taken dozens of pictures of the schools and eaten more snacks than we probably should have.

By 3:30 pm we were finally finished and pretty exhausted. On our way back to Jakarta we were very happy to just close our eyes for a while and enjoy the AC. We jokingly complained a little about our full tummies and agreed that we might have to change our name from “hati gembira” to “hati gemuk”.

Written by: Anni

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