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On Tuesday morning I met the Happy Hearts Indonesia team at 6am to leave for Cilegon, specifically to PAUD Widuri, a school for early childhood education which is about to be rebuilt. The rebuilding was made possible by donation from PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical (CAP) and they brought along 23 employees to volunteer and help lay the first bricks.

We were welcomed by members of the community: a few women prepared a music performance, a couple of speeches from community leaders, kids dancing and snacks.

After the ceremony the volunteers started laying the bricks. They looked enthusiastic and had fun even though it was really hot under the burning sun. After lunch break I helped the volunteers with those bricks and yes, it was real fun! It felt nice to work in a team while doing something good.

After finishing the activity in the afternoon, I was tired from waking up early and staying in the heat all day (respect to all construction workers in tropical countries!). Manek, Happy Hearts Indonesia’s Program Manager, gave a short speech to thank CAP and especially the ones who volunteered. One of the employees was chosen to be “Volunteer of the Day” because he was so motivated in doing the work. The principal of the school and the construction supervisor also gave short speech to thank all of us. The principal was really touched and said it’s like her dream had come true: “Seperti mimpi saya yang jadi kenyataan.”

In about two months the school will be finished and will be a safe and comfortable place for the kids to learn. Stay updated on PAUD Widuri’s progress by follow us on Instagram @happyheartsindonesia.

Written by: Lea

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  • budi Wahyu says:

    I was touched as a volunteer when the principal said it was like his dream came true: ” Seperti mimpi saya jadi kenyataan ”
    Thank Lea and her friend

    Thank all

    The male model above is me …. he …e

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